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Exploring is a career education program for ages 14-20 years old. Local businesses in our community help young adults make a more informed decision about their future career and determine if a particular career is the right fit for them. Exploring is about gaining practical experience in a career field. The result is a program of activities that helps youth pursue their special interests, grow, and develop. Exploring exists to teach important life and career skills to young people from all backgrounds through immersive career experiences and mentorship provided by community and business leaders. Together, we equip young people with character, leadership and life skills that can be used both today and in their future careers. Experience an occupation before investing in an education. Find out which career is the right one for you! Prepare your future through career exploring!
Our Mission
Deliver character-building experiences and mentorship that allow youth to achieve their full potential in both life and work.
Our Vision
Shape the workforce of tomorrow by engaging and mentoring today's youth in career and life-enhancing opportunities.
Our Promise
Bring businesses and community leaders together to help young people reach their full potential.

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Madi Pohlman

Exploring Executive

    12401 W. Maple Rd. Omaha, NE 68164