Participant Testimonial:

“After attending the explorer program several years ago and finding my career through it, I can say it is a very useful program and lives up to its name thus allowing participants to “explore” different careers from the inside and really learn what they’re all about. Its a great program for anyone especially for those who are unsure what career path they want to take or even for those individuals who would just like to learn and find out more about certain careers. The program needs to be promoted more for better access for students. I hope they continue to grow and add more careers for individuals to look into and hope everyone finds it as useful as I did.”

Colby Ladehoff first found out about what it takes to become an Electrician via the Exploring Program.  This is his story about how Exploring helped him find explore new careers.  What’s yours?

Parent Testimonial:

“My son just started this past year with this  Explorer program and has not been in it for very long but since he has been he is more responsible, and takes things more seriously. He has more respect for himself and others,  and does a lot of volunteering through this program which makes him feel happy. I feel proud he takes time out of his already busy schedule to do the volunteer work with this program. It shows him there are a lot of less fortunate people out there and he’s helping make things a little bit better for them. He loves this program and feels proud being in this program. My son knows he has expectations while being in this program and he follows those expectations. I think he has grown in Exploring and I can not wait to see what the future of this program will bring him.

This is a wonderful program to have your child in. We are very grateful for this Exploring, because it has set our son on the right track and he is going forward with his career goal of being a police officer. So Thank you for all that you do for this program and our kids in Exploring.”


Share Your Exploring Story

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