Communication and Information Systems covers a broad group of fields, such as Photography, Theatre and Music and even Information Technology.  So scroll down and decide if you want to see what it takes to put on a play or write an article for a website.  Click around and see what you like!

Coming Fall 2012

180 Media Post

Today’s hypercompetitive marketing environments mean you need to work harder and smarter. And the best to way to accomplish that is with new media practiced with systematic, repeatable habits. If you can do that, you can be extremely effective in telling your story and making a difference. This course teaches students the 13 New Media Habits needed to ‘master’ New Media, and what’s really important in achieving New Media success: reactions not engagement.

Omaha World-Herald Explorer Post #688

This post will focus on the fun and varied work of a newspaper person and will include tips on reporting and writing, photography and other elements of the business. Students will write stories that will be attached to the World-Herald’s online site, You’ll have to write articles and interview people, but there will be no tests or grades. This six-session post will be fast-paced, fun and blow by very quickly.

Omaha Community Playhouse Acting Crew Post #39

Do you enjoy acting or the performing arts?  Then this is your chance to participate in a professional class acting workshop, usher, greet and shadow a show during the weeks of December 7-10 through 19-22nd!  All participants who successfully meet the requirements of this program will be eligible to participate in a 24 hour play festival which will occur in the Spring.  This 6 week program is available specifically to junior and senior students and only accepts 15 applicants into the crew so hurry up and sign up soon!

Robotics Crew Post #680

Take control of our future robot overlords in this fun and interesting Robotics Crew. Bellevue University provides you with the opportunity to learn how to program and control robots. Teach them how to perform tasks and take part in obstacle courses, along with other fun activities.

ITT Technical Institute Post #767

Students will learn about careers that can be obtained with a degree in Nursing, Criminal Justice, Information Technology, Drafting, Graphic Communications and Design, and Electronics. Students will learn about prevention of infection in Nursing, process physical evidence in Criminal Justice, make changes in AutoCAD using a CAD drawing in Drafting, work with a design in Graphic Communications and Design, and will solder projects in Electronics.

Creative Center Post #573

Are you interested in an art career? Do you enjoy creating concepts, design, layout, illustrations, web, interactive or video?  Creative Center is the place to learn more. Join our program as we spend four sessions going over graphic design.