Exploring offers teens and young adults unique, hands-on experiences in an environment that develops leadership, character, and confidence through immersive and empowering moments that help define their full potential.

Arts & Humanities

>Creative Communications & Art Program

>Culinary Arts Program

>Veterinary Science Program (Registration opens Aug. 17, 2019)

Business, Marketing & Management

>Omaha World-Hearld Program (Registration opens Dec. 01, 2019)

Communication & Information Systems

>Metro Media Productions Program

>UNO Computer Science Program

Health Sciences

>Children’s Hospital & Medical Center Program (Registration opens Nov. 01, 2019)

>Clarkson College Medical Program (Registration opens Feb. 01, 2019)

>Creighton Dental Program

>Creighton Pharmacy Program (Registration opens Feb. 01, 2019)

>Trauma Thursday, CHI Immanuel & Lakeside Program

>Nebraska Medical Center & OrthoNebraska Program

>Creighton Exercise Science Program

Skilled & Technical Sciences

>DLR Program

>HDR Program

>Leo A Daly Program

>UNL Durham School of Architectural Engineering & Construction Program (Registration opens Nov. 01, 2019)

>UNO Aviation Program

>Turner Skilled Trades Program